Most of us dream of building up a house that ends up looking like something extraordinary. Every episode of The Block is an allurement and excites the insides of you to get something similar.
Well, with some simple interior styling tips and techniques, all of it is possible. Here are some of the important things you need to know about interior styling. You can also step up and do it on your own if you want. After all, we all must love the idea of DIY to light up the ambience of the interior environment of our house.
Interior Styling – Basics
It won’t be wrong to compare “dressing” up your room with interior styling. They are equally the same. The outcome should be that everything must look good and should eventually express your taste in design.

Some of the major elements associated with interior styling are:

•Making use of lights and lighting to build up an atmosphere that is perfectly attractive.

•Effective use of paints and wallpapers.

•Building a trendy room that will stay in style for quite a long time.

•Make your own colour scheme to spark up your house’s ambience and reflect your own unique style.

•Adjust storage solutions to be functional, stylish and most of all.. Hidden!

Interior Styling – Tips
Some of the great tips to shine and lighten up your house are as follows:
1. Use soft furnishings like linens an cushions. They can completely lift up the mood of the room and take it to a whole another level and are generally an inexpensive way to do so.

Some of the classic colour combinations that one must opt for are Navy Blue, Grey, and White. These colours never go wrong.

2. For the ambience, use scented candles. Musky scented candles are a perfect fit for winters and autumns. However, go for something floral during summers.

3. Always buy soft and high-quality cushions. Don’t go out to pick the average ones.

4. Regardless of if you are an art lover, make sure to add some unique art pieces on to spice up those blank white. Bookshelves are another cost-effective way to add charm to a room and enhance the ambience. Try adding bookends, small homewares and greenery to add character.

5. Invest on things that are going to last for a lifetime. Don’t go high end on all the things that you buy, but some pieces that are not easily replaced and features of your home are a chance to splurge. Especially if these areas are focal points or high traffic areas. Pieces such as Lighting and wall art are examples of things tha wont deteriorate over time and add character to a home.

6. On a very tight budget? You have nothing to worry about as you can decorate your place over time. You don’t have to get everything immediately. Follow a plan and make it happen in the next couple of years.

7. Furniture is one thing that is a must buy. So, while you are out looking for a furniture, make sure to buy the ones that have good storage and conseled functionality options. To hide wires and store things cleanly.

DIY or Professional – How about Both?
If you have read his far you must have discovered your love for design. Wether it is a personal hobby of yours or buying a new home has recently sparke the interior styling fire in you, you can undertake interior styling on your own!
You can do your own DIY to lift up the tone of the environment using soft furnishings, wall art and table and floorlamps is a cheap nd effective wat to completlty revamp a dull room.
On the contrary, if you are unsure, hire a professional and get some tips. Get in touch with Redsocks Design, let us know your budget and specify your requirements. Let us create a amazing ambeience for you.